Hypnotherapy for Athletes

Hypnotherapy for Athletes

Hypnotherapy for Athletes is all about Performing “in the zone” – in that fearless, magical, sweet spot, where only you and the task at hand is your reality – and it is obtained by an intricate balance of mind and body fitness. A successful athlete will maintain high levels of physical fitness through diet and physical exercise – but that is only a part of the formula for success.

Research has shown us that successful athletes put just as greater, if not more, focus on the mind as the body.

Regardless of your station in life, your mental state will influence your every move. Enhancing your natural ability on a physical level is therefore something that starts and ends in your mind.

I know myself that if I have a clear, quiet and calm mind then the yogic postures I can achieve are far superior, more integrated and serene to those I can perform on a day when my mind might be more scattered. Meditation is therefore key for me on the yoga mat… but on the sports field, or up the mountain, or in the surf, or on the bike, on the golf course, wherever your sport occurs, if you have a mind that has been subconsciously programmed to debug your pitfalls, then you will continually up your performance. 

It’s all about Mind Control

Through the use of hypnotherapy athletes can control and focus their state of mind so that they create powerful levels of performance success, perform clearly and articulately ‘in the zone’, build confidence and skill, overcome setbacks, maintain composure in distracting situations, stretch their boundaries, remove negative thoughts, recover from injury faster and whatever else the athlete perceives a need for in their performance. The key is in engaging the mind in a way that helps you to focus on the achievement of your goals so that you may become totally absorbed in each and every current moment.

The Possibilities are Endless!

Laying within each and every one of us is a wellspring of internal resources. Through the use of hypnotic techniques you can learn to access that wellspring within to enhance and/or transform your entire athletic performance level. The subconscious mind doesn’t discern the difference between past, present or future, and neither does it know the difference between fact or fiction. So at a sub conscious level you have no idea whether you are actually doing something or just visualizing it for future reference. But during a skilfully guided session in hypnosis, your performance level can be radically enhanced – once the internal barriers have been removed.

Working together we can remove internal barriers and set you up for your best season yet.

Using exploratory techniques to uncover, remove and transcend internal barriers, and relaxing techniques to help focus and fine tune the mind, any remaining anxiety can be transcended and overcome. From here we can reprogram your mind to achieve your goals.

We all work at our own pace so the number of sessions required to achieve performance goals will vary from athlete to athlete. It will also depend on your specific purpose for seeking this kind of help.

Some people will want ongoing guidance, others will want to overcome a certain inner barrier while others will want to overcome some setback. Some will want to recover more quickly from surgery while others want to hone in their ability to concentrate or to improve their confidence. So generally I say sign up for three sessions, then we can take it from there. Some will feel complete at that stage, while others will want to carry on and go deeper, refining their skills further. Whatever your performance needs a round of sessions with me could be exactly what you’ve been needing.

Like all my sessions, these can also be carried out over Skype from anywhere in the world, or in person by visiting North Lake Tahoe. For more information please feel free to contact me