Birthing Hypnosis

pain_free_child_birthTo lean in and Surrender to the Wisdom of Body and the Birthing process is the best advice any woman can get when preparing for labor. It’s all very good and well to have a birth plan and to set intentions as to how this birth will be….. but when the time comes, the Wisdom of Birthing itself is what leads the way. This four track Birthing Hypnosis program is designed to help you lean in and surrender to your process – wherever that may be. Because the mind influences childbirth in a profound way, using mental imagery in self hypnosis can alter the course of labor so that more women can deliver their babies safely, calmly and naturally whether in hospital, at home or anywhere else your baby choose to enter at. Labor truly does work best when mind and body cooperate.

Birth is the most significant biological, emotional, and social event mother and baby will share. Whether or not this experience is a happy one depends largely on the preparation of the mind as well as the body. The mind does not like to surrender…. but this is one time when it is paramount that it does.

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The way the Mom-to-be thinks, feels and believes, will influence the comfort and length of her labor – and the safety of birth for her and her baby. Research has shown that altering one’s beliefs about childbirth can actually shorten labor by as much as 25 – 50%. Further, less complications occur during the birth process of relaxed mothers.

These statistics are found in Carl Jones highly recommended book titled “Mind Over Labor – A Breakthrough Guide to Giving Birth”, where he further states ‘the factors that affect labor include: fear; the mothers ability to trust her body and surrender to the labor process; her attitude about birth; her emotions regarding this particular birth; her feelings about parenthood; her feelings about sexuality; her birthing environment; and her caregiver and others in the environment’.

Now you can learn how to redefine the experience of giving birth with Clinical Hypnotherapy by using your ‘creative intelligence’ to connect with the wisdom of your sisters of the past, be calm, relaxed and energized so that your childbirth memory is one of a safe and fulfilling birth.

How Many Sessions Are Required?
For anxiety around the birthing process or aspects of motherhood, I recommend a series of three personal one on one sessions that can be undertaken either in person or over Skype. These would be in addition to using this Birthing Hypnosis program as often as possible from as early on as possible in your pregnancy.

How Can I Best Prepare for Giving Birth?
In addition to regular use of this natural birthing program, consider a round of three sessions to address any fears or concerns you may be holding at a subconscious level regarding the birthing process. Through these sessions you will get in touch with the parts of you that are anxious or fearful thereby helping yourself on many levels to better understand the natural process of birthing. In this way you can create a sacred birthing experience – however it is unfolding. Again these sessions can be carried out in person or over Skype.

pregnant woman belly (28 week) and pink daisy flowerHow Can I Get My Mind On My Side?
Program your mind to move with your body by getting a copy of “Connecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood.”

How Can my Birthing Partner Be involved?
Simply have your birthing partner practice these sessions with you so they can become familiar with the visuals you are seeking to maintain during labor. Then when your mind wanders or you become distracted, your birthing partner can help guide you back to your breath and back to the appropriate visualization process. Your Birthing Partner can also connect to the Wisdom of Baby during the fourth process on this disc. In this way you will both be building your connection with this precious new being about to enter the world. It’s a beautiful and special time and this CD is the perfect accompaniment to starting your growing family off on the right foot.

This is a set of processes written and recorded by Kali will help you deliver your baby safely and naturally into the world, at the appropriate time so that you can:

  • Shorten Labor and Birthing
  • Stay Calm and in Control
  • Reduce Surgical Intervention

As discussed above, this process also provides an active role for the birthing partner and can contribute toward having a more contented baby after birth. It allows you to practice from home with minimal set up and low cost. It can also be used in any birthing location. It is recommended that you have at least one sessions, and up to three sessions, if you feel any sense of anxiety or fear about the birthing process.

Natural Birthing with Hypnosis

These sessions and four track program will help you to disconnect from the “war stories” and drama that surround modern day birthing. Forget all the 7 – 12 step processes and simply focus on getting your mind on your side so that you can lean in and let go to the wisdom of what you innately already know. Once you and all your preconceived ideas and programming about birth are out of your way and you are connected to this inner wisdom, you find the place within you that is able to trust in and be fully present with each moment. Here you trust that you have all the tools within you to birth safely and naturally.

Program includes four self hypnosis tracks:

  1. Connecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood – a beautiful process to connect you to the wisdom of all those women who have birthed calmly and naturally before.
  2. Connecting to the Wisdom of Body – a process to build the confidence you have in your own body and more deeply connect you to the wisdom inherent within your Woman.
  3. Connecting to the Wisdom of Baby – a beautiful opportunity to connect with  your unborn child, to hear any messages of wisdom or desire they may have and, for you too, to exchange your unconditional love.
  4. Connecting to the Wisdom of Birthing – this is a powerful process that helps you surrender to the wisdom inherent within the birthing process itself. This allows your mind to surrender, trust and get out of the way.

To create a safe and fulfilling birth, get your downloadable MP3 version of
” Connecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood” right now – just click the Buy Now button.

$77.00 (USD) – four self hypnosis MP3 downloads made available instantly

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