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One of the symptoms of being blocked from our Soul Self means that our emotional and psychological issues manifest in our physical behaviors. This causes us to act in ways contradictory to our goals and beliefs, and even our needs and wants. Through the use of hypnotic techniques and therapies we are able to reconnect to our Soul intelligence to rebalance these behaviors. We are then able to transform them into positive ones that are more congruent with our own inner wisdom. Such behaviors include, but are by no means limited to, over-eating, sleepless nights, depression, anxiety, excessive smoking/drinking and other addictive behaviors.

Weight Loss
Hypnotherapy effectively helps you lose weight and overcome your food addictions thereby regaining control and peace in your life. Many people eat not to fuel the body, but to suppress anxiety and achieve emotional satisfaction. This inhibits the person from living their life at their ideal weight, shape and form. With Hypnotherapy you will learn how to find what it is you are emotionally or psychologically starved for and work with that to the achievement of your ideal self.

This is a proven method that helps you to regain control in your life without the stress and strains required in the struggle of the willpower over the stomach. The term “Willpower” is an oxymoron anyway for if the sub conscious will is not in alignment with the conscious choices you are making then you will be overpowered by deeper, more in granied beliefs. The change therefore needs to occur at the subconscious level before you will experience shifts in the physical body. In so doing, this approach recognizes that it is of the mind, not the stomach and that willpower rarely wins over the subconscious. Food neither fills emotional hunger, nor psychological suppression.

With hypnosis you will attain your natural body weight. You will not want want to ingest any more than your body actually needs and you will only eat when you are physiologically hungry. Here you can finally enjoy the food you eat as opposed to experiencing guilt for eating it. During sessions you will learn how to eat to fuel the body, not fill the body; you will even enhance your desire to loose weight. We will uncover and counteract emotional triggers for overeating; iincrease and nurture your inclination and desire for a healthy lifestyle; reconnect the mind in with the body so the two can exist harmoniously; and eradicate any feelings of guilt by re-establishing your own inner peace, self-confidence and self-love with a happier, more satisfied ‘you’.

Hypnotherapy is a self-empowering tool and as such is a process that involves a commitment to obtain your ideal weight through the utilization of the tools you will learn. Your commitment is also to the discovery of that happier, more satisfied and self fulfilled ‘you’.

How Many Sessions Will I Need? A minimum of 3 sessions is good to start off with. After that you might like to take a break for a month or so and wait to see what arises from the work we did together. Depending on what comes up, you may then like to do another round of three. Persistence and a determination to succeed, along with a willingness to change and evolve your ways are mandatory in order for you to gain the full benefit from this work.

What Can I do Now to Begin Loosing Weight and Feeling Better About Myself?
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Ever noticed how the more you try to sleep the less you can? You can lie in bed for hours counting spots on the ceiling, sheep, anything you can to force yourself to sleep, but all in vain. Some people experience this on an excessively frequent basis to the point where the only time they can sleep is at the most inconvenient. Nightly Insomnia creates havoc in daily life. Sleep is our time for rejuvenation, rest and recuperation. Without it we cannot function effectively and efficiently through out our daily activity. Sleepless, even restless, nights eventually lead to emotional instability and confusion, frustration, physical fatigue and ill health.

Hypnotherapy is one of the single most relaxing experiences within life’s creation. Further, because it is in fact a self-help tool, you can learn how to empower yourself to use hypnosis to your own relaxation requirements, including those at night time. Because we can access the subconscious mind thereby empowering the individual with positive thought formation, the experience of insomnia really can be one of the past. Not only is it possible to gain a full restful and restorative nights sleep, but you can wake feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and energized ready for a fulfilling day, everyday. Transform your sleepless nights into ones of rest and rejuvenation, and in doing so, transform your days and your life. Typically three sessions is all that is required.

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Whether frequent or occasional, hypnotherapy can help uncover the cause behind the effect of depression. 
When we suppress our emotions or our deeper spiritual and life-purpose needs for long periods of time our life force becomes stuck, we loose motivation and ability to see opportunities when we arise. Our creative force slowly withers and we wind up with feelings of dissatisfaction and self-destructive thoughts. Through Hypnotherapy we can access the subconscious to find the origin of such thoughts and feelings and transform those feelings toward the achievement of a happier, more fulfilling and satisfying way of life.

Depression may have become a part of life you now consider normal. Believe me when I say it is not. If you feel as though your life is being controlled by depressive tendencies, Hypnotherapy can help you too. Learn how to reclaim the happy, motivated and satisfied ‘you’ and live the life you always wanted. At some level depression is a choice, hypnosis can help you locate the level at which you are making this choice and choose a healthier outcome. Consider an average of six sessions necessary.

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Addictive Habits
All habits, such as smoking, excessive drinking, over eating, etc, which won’t be broken by will power alone are serving an unconscious need and are invariably the expression of an inner conflict. There is always a positive intention but it is not being met in a healthy manner. Through the use of Hypnotherapy, you can uncover the positive intention, implement the healthier alternative and reclaim your freedom, your love, your passion, your vitality and your life. So whether you want to quit smoking, manage your consumption of alcohol or eradicate your drug use, Hypnotherapy can and will help.

All you need to succeed is a willingness to make the changes you need to make. Stopping smoking or drinking often requires a shift in consciousness and a change in behavior then comes with that shift. At a certain level of development it makes perfect sense to use such tools to get by with. At another level of consciousness you have evolved beyond this need and instead value your precious human body in a way that would never allow you to use such coping strategies again.

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Anxiety comes clad in many disguises under which is found unexpressed fears, repressed guilt and inner conflict. Fears, phobias and stressors are a few of its faces. Thousands of people live their lives limited and controlled by this nuance they come to deem as part of life. Freedoms magic, however, resides inside the mind of the person receiving Hypnotherapy. Learn to use your own incredible hidden power to uncover the positive intention of your own inner wisdom so that you too can live the life you were meant to with confidence, empowerment, pride and pleasure. If you are ready to take control of your life now, call Mala Hypnotherapy.

How to Calm Anxiety – Practice this Frequently

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Childrens’s Phobias, Fears and Uncharacteristic Behaviors 
Has your child developed a phobia or fear or a new behavior seemingly out of thin air? Or does your child bully the other kids? Or is your child the anxious one who doesn’t fit in, the one sucking his thumb or sleep walking her nights away? Children are very responsive to hypnosis, simply because they spend most of their days operating from the sub conscious. In other words, they more-or-less live in a trance throughout most days simply because it is a natural state of mind. We, as adults, enter into trance without our conscious awareness just before we go to sleep at night and again before we wake up in the morning, and, while we are driving a car often we seem to just “zone out”. Kids, especially prior to seven to eleven years of age, still do this because it hasn’t been conditioned out of them yet. This makes them wonderful candidates for hypnosis and provides us with a fun, yet effective, way to confront our children’s quandary’s. And if you can day dream, then you can do hypnosis too.

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  • Cancers and Other Dis-ease
  • Pregnancy & Natural Birth
  • Preparing for Surgery
  • Dental Anxiety
  • Enhancing Athletic Performance

    Clinical Hypnotherapy has been proven effective in helping individuals who suffer from chronic pain, migraine headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), fibromyalgia, ulcers, back pain, weakened immune system, cancer, sexual dysfunction, nausea, overall body fatigue and much more. Because your body believes every word you say, with hypnotherapy, individuals have better access to their body’s natural healing resources, stimulating their own immune system and balancing their self-regulatory functions. Pain Free child-birth is also made possible through the use of hypnosis.

    Kali works together with the client as co-therapist to promote health and harmony of mind, body and spirit. Some medical doctors also use hypnosis to help their patients follow new diet and exercise plans. Some doctors even encourage their patients to use the help of a Hypnotherapist to aid in pain management and recovery so that less prescription drugs are required. Still others are receptive to their pregnant clients using hypnosis in the natural and pain free delivery of their newborn.

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    Cancers and Other Dis-ease
    Those diagnosed with Cancer and other dis-ease that incorporate Hypnotherapy into their health routine, notably improve their quality and vitality of life. The Hypnotherapist teaches the client how to manage and modify their pain through the use of hypnotic techniques that help strengthen their immune systems, thereby enhancing their health and enjoyment of life. Fears are also addressed so as to diminish, and even eradicate, them. Clients often feel better just by actively participating in their healing process. Many start seeing themselves as survivors by simply using the power of their own “creative intelligence.” Near miraculous results are possible just by changing one’s thoughts and improving one’s attitude.

    Pregnancy & Natural Birth
    Go here for more information and to purchase your Hypno Birthing CD
    Good news for those Mom’s-to-be come in hypnotic packages also. Because the mind influences childbirth in a profound way, using mental imagery in self hypnosis can alter the course of labor so that more women can deliver their babies safely and naturally. Labor truly does work best when mind and body cooperate. Birth is the most significant biological, emotional, and social event mother and baby will share. Whether or not this experience is a happy one depends largely on the preparation of the mind as well as the body. The way the Mom-to-be thinks, feels and believes, will influence the comfort and length of her labor – and the safety of birth for her and her baby. Research has shown that altering one’s beliefs about childbirth can actually shorten labor by as much as 25 – 50%. Further, less complications occur during the birth process of relaxed mothers.

    These statistics are found in Carl Jones book titled Mind Over Labor, where he further states ‘the factors that affect labor include: fear; the mothers ability to trust her body and surrender to the labor process; her attitude about birth; her emotions regarding this particular birth; her feelings about parenthood; her feelings about sexuality; her birthing environment; and her caregiver and others in the environment’ – all of which can be addressed prior to delivery via a round of sessions with Kali over Skype from anywhere in the world.

    Now you can learn how to redefine the experience of giving birth with Clinical Hypnotherapy by using your ‘creative intelligence’ to connect with the wisdom of your sisters of the past, be calm, relaxed and energized so that your childbirth memory is one of a safe and fulfilling birth.

    For more information and to get your “Connecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood” natural birthing CD click this link here

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    Preparing for Surgery
    The use of Clinical Hypnotherapy in the time leading up to, and including, surgery is highly effective in helping individuals prepare their minds and bodies for the procedure. By accessing your body’s innate healing potential one feels calmer and more relaxed before, has a significantly lowered risk of infection and experiences less blood flow during, and has less pain thereby using less medication after the surgery. A faster recovery time along with a strengthened immune system, not to mention lower medical bills is also achieved. As stated in Peggy Huddlestons’ book Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster, when properly prepared for, surgery can become a healing ceremony that is both life-changing and life-enhancing.

    Also addressed by the Hypnotherapist are any anxieties and fears bought about by upcoming surgical procedures. The client learns how to neutralize them so that they experience a calm confidence in themselves, their doctors and the medical team. Further, through hypnosis, the client develops a motivation to follow the prescribed health plan from their doctors, whether it be dietary adjustments or recommended daily exercise.

    If you are interested in learning how Clinical Hypnotherapy can improve your health or your upcoming surgery, call Kali now. The number of required sessions is dependent on the particular issue and severity of the condition.

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    Dental Anxiety
    Many people become petrified upon a visit to the dentist. Through the use of hypnotic techniques one is able to ward off pre-dental anxiety and promote a pleasant, more peaceful, dental experience thereby requiring less anesthetic and a more rapid return to normal upon completion of root canals and fillings etc.

    Enhancing Athletic Performance
    With the works of Thomas Tutko and Umberto Tusi and their book Sport Psyching, we can use Hypnosis as the means through which we achieve our best game every time. You can create any movement you desire, whether its an improvement on your golf swing or your tennis arm, a nothing-but-net basket ball shot or the smooth and swift hand movement of a Karate cut.

    Learn how to avoid being psyched out by your opponents, get the most out of instruction, make the easy shots every time and above all… learn how not to choke under pressure. Any improvement you want to achieve is possible in any sport you play once your subconscious is on your side. All you have to do is replace stress related habits with constructive behavior through Mental Coaching.

    With the works of Thomas Tutko and Umberto Tusi and their book Sport Psyching, we can use Hypnosis as the means through which we achieve our best game every time. You can create any movement you desire, whether its an improvement on your golf swing or your tennis arm, a nothing-but-net basket ball shot or the smooth and swift hand movement of a Karate cut. Learn how to avoid being psyched out by your opponents, get the most out of instruction, make the easy shots every time and above all… learn how not to choke under pressure. Any improvement you want to achieve is possible in any sport you play once your subconscious is on your side. All you have to do is replace stress related habits with constructive behavior through Mental Coaching.

    I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions in which we will analyze and discuss, the improvements you desire to achieve in your chosen sport. While in a hypnotic state we will educate your subconscious mind to lead you toward your peak performance with every game. So if you want to improve your athletic performance to the experience of exhilaration and fulfilment, lets create the habit of success and victory in you so that you play “In the Zone”, every game.

    If you are a highly motivated athlete, committed, and serious about improving your talents, then I would love to work with you.

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