Living Your Soul Intentions

circle-kalicircle-meeganTogether with my Soul Sister and colleague, Meegan Care, we have created a beautiful, easy and fun, yet deeply transformative and insightful home-study program. We’ve called it and it’s all about literally downloading your life purpose and living your Soul Intentions so that you really truly do live the life of your dreams. Engaging in this process will help you connect with the energy and information of your Soul – that most real and authentic aspect of your essential self – and bring that wisdom out into daily life in a very real way. In so doing you live life from a Soul-Filled place – a place absent of fear and filled with faith. It’s from this depth that the truest sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in life comes. Beyond the Law of Attraction, beyond affirmations, beyond conscious awareness, there is a deeper level of information available to you. will hep you tap into this deeper SoulSelf and access the values that drive you from the depth of your Soul. This is how you live the life you were truly born to live…. this is how you gain the courage and conviction to lean into the flow of life and let the Goddess within lead the way!

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