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There are many reasons as to why we meditate, when we first start to meditate most of us need some kind of support. So I’ve made a couple of different styled meditation CD’s, each which have two different meditations on them for you to practice with. These CD’s provide a ‘gateway’ to developing your own practice.

1. Just Zen It – 2 tracks of Zen styled mindfulness practice

Just Zen It Front Cover

buy now orangei. “Sit Breathe Count It”
A beginner level meditation to get you used to sitting in a regular practice. Provides you with instruction as to how to sit and what to do while you sit. Guides you back to your point of focus when your mind wanders so that you eventually awaken to the deeper, more still mind that is available within you. 20 minutes long.

ii. Pure Awareness – A Meditation for Conscious Embodiment
A slightly more advanced form of meditation to deepen your meditative practice with by learning to cultivate awareness of a listening that is deeper than sound – guided by to the sound of a Japanese bell . This practice directs you to a deeper level of comfort and balance in life where which heals your past and awakens you to the beauty of your present. Tuning into this meditation will take you deeper and deeper into the Universe within. 30 minutes long.

2. The House of Healing and Balancing – 2 tracks 

House of Healing and Balancing

buy now orangei. The House of Healing and Balancing
Guided visualization initially leads you into the house of Healing and Balancing where harmonious music and ocean waves then lead you into a deeply relaxed, healing trance. Left with just the sound of music and ocean waves, your subconscious mind will direct its healing wisdom where your body needs it most. A beautifully rejuvenating trance heals and restores your body-mind until you are rejoined by voice to gently guide you back to a rejuvenated and revitalized, waking state.

ii. Vitality in Three Realms
A self hypnosis track spoken from the perspective of your Soul, gently guides your Mind, Body and Heart to awaken, open, heal, love and trust. Use this track to build courage, inspire, awaken, heal and integrate with your True potential. Again restorative, it will enliven  and lighten, revitalize and rejuvenate.

Used frequently, these meditations will decrease stress levels, increase vitality and lead you to greater levels of health and balance as well as happiness and positivity. Living from this place of Being will enhance your overall WELL-BEING and passion for daily life.


 But WHY would I want to meditate???


kali_zendo_sq_col_webWelcome to Kali’s Zendo! Monday Nights at Tahoe Flow Arts Studio

In Zen, when we know there’s deeper to go, or we’re confused or stuck, something needs tweaking or we simply need a place in which to create some space, we have a saying – “Back to the Zendo!” And it basically means, “Go sit with it” – whatever “it” is. But all too often we don’t have a sitting practice that will give us the tools we need to access the psyche in a way that will help us awaken to and transcend the negative patterns that hold us back in life. This is what led me to Mondo Zen and to the notion that spiritual study needed psychology as much as psychology needed spirituality – not religion, not New Age clairvoyant mediumship – but a psycho-spiritual approach that helped us awaken, heal and integrate. So, when the therapy needs more space, it’s ‘back to the zendo’ and when the way of life needs tweaking, it’s ‘back to the zendo’ – and this is the space that a Zendo can provide.

The Zendo gives you some time out to ’empty your cup’… or to clear your mind… if you just keep stuffing a room full of furniture, books, boxes, stuff and things, there will eventually be no room in which to move around in this room… there will be no space from which you can gain perspective… it’s too full. The mind is like this too. If we spend a life time filling it up with information and beliefs, never to empty it to see if something else might suit it’s functioning better, we end up stuck in old ways that no longer serve us. This is the mind that is too busy to meditate – but meditation is the only way to empty this mind, to clear this mind or re-set this mind. If you think your mind is too busy to meditate then go read this blog here.

Meditation therefore helps clear the space and make the room so that we may see things in a new light. When we see things in a new light we are more open to change – and when we’re more open to change we’re not resistant; and it is resistance to what is that creates suffering. We’re also more open to receiving constructive criticism which will allow us to see our shadow states more clearly. Re-owning that which we see as too ugly, or too beautiful, to be of our own nature, allows us to be more whole and more functional, more honest and more real in the world. To read more about shadow states read this blog here.

Kali’s Zendo – just a space in cyber space – is intended to be a container, a vessel in which to hold the space to create some quiet for you to tune into. Tune into the quiet of this space so that you can become more familiar with the patterns of your mind so that you may become more deeply aware of how they play out in your life…. and then you can CHANGE them!

Once you become more aware of the patterns your mind is running in you may want some help in changing them. If you would like to book an appointment with me click here and contact me now. In as little as three hypnosis sessions you will find a whole new perspective in life, a whole new altitude from which to live your daily life.