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MeditationThe following is taken from “Wake Up! Grow Up! With Mondo Zen” by Jaime Rogders – the full version of which can be downloaded as a pdf for free when you visit the Mondo Zen Website:

To facilitate what Ken Wilber refers to as an accelerated effect on spiritual growth (waking-up) as well as growing-up, Mondo Zen relies on direct personal experience. The Mondo Zen (Mondo) process first deconstructs one’s understanding of ‘I’, then carefully reconstructs it and integrates this fresh sense of self/Self as a new worldview. In short, Roshi Jun Po Kelly’s 21st century Mondo Zen dialectic practice works like this:

    1. We help you to deconstruct your current philosophical view, which leads to insight. (The Mondo Zen dialogue process begins with and is grounded in meditation and involves a 13 koan dialogue process that helps to awaken one to a deeper level of thinking and feeling).
    2. Standing within this insight, you will witness how you have been blocking realization of your true nature by holding a confused, illusory and ignorant view.
    3. This insight transforms your understanding of the nature of your mind.
    4. With this experience confirmed as you foundational perspective, you construct and choose a new liberating philosophy.
    5. You then, through engaging an emotional koan practice, integrate this new understanding into your everyday life.

To accomplish this waking-up, and in time growing-up, Mondo uses five elemental training practices: Genuine Insight, Philosophical Re-Indoctrination, Conscious Embodiment, Emotional Maturity and Sacred Stewardship that together work with the actual territory of s/Self (little self and Big Self).

The following is taken from the “Mondo Zen Training Manual” that you can download the full version of for free when you visit the Mondo Zen Website:

Sacred Stewardship: We accept our intimate inter-dependency, our oneness with the environment, the universe and all sentient and non-sentient beings. We embody this realization, and lovingly choose to not create any more suffering in the world. We recognize our reponsibility and extend it first to everything within our arm’s reach and eventually to infinity.

Philosophical Re-oriention: Through study, dialog and practice, we develop a broader and more inclusive philosophy. We become more insightful, and our thinking continues to become more flexible, comprehensive and clear. We open our minds and hearts. We command a new language, accepting and including the truth of the empty nature of our spirit and deep mind as well as the real intention and meaning of our emotions. This new view is seen and felt in our actions.

Emotional Maturity and Integrity: With our new understanding and experience of the true nature and real meaning and mechanics of emotion, we are no longer bound to unconscious reactions. We recognize and experience the energy arising before angry reactions as intense clarity and deep caring. With this new understanding, we experience shame not as a threat to self-value, but as a question challenging our integrity. Instead of shutting down, we hear the question and respond truthfully and skillfully. Through ‘Mondo Zen Emotional Koan Awareness Intervention’ practice, we transform our painful emotional reactions into compassionate reaponses. Our angst becomes our liberation! Mature emotional responses emerge in the same relationships where immature emotional reactions were once the rule. All violent reactions to fear are now experienced as rich opportunities for transformation, an eventually become inconceivable.

Conscious Embodiment: Through Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi, dance and other mindfully practiced physical disciplines, we investigate and become more aware of our embodiment. We locate and release the physical contractions associated with psychological tension. We become more sensitive, healthy and conscious. We delight in the discovery that enlightenment is also visceral!

Genuine Insight: Concentration/Meditation practice is essential. These Five Training Element practices are our awakening, our genuine insight. Practice is realization. Realization is practice. Through Concentration/Meditation, new philosophical understanding, emotional koan, physical awareness and sacred stewardhip practices, we awaken. The Five Training Elements stand like mirrors, allowing us to see for ourselves how these core practices transform our lives. We achieve a personal freedom only possible with deep spritual realization and discipline. Integrated Five Element discipline is our awakening. Our practice is our Enlightenment.

This whole process can be carried out over 2 – 3 hours, one-on-one or in a group, with guidance from an accredited Mondo Zen facilitator. You can also attend 3 – 8 day retreats that are held in essential silence. For more information on how the Mondo Zen process can work for you, or to find out about up coming retreats and workshops, contact me here. And you can go here to purchase one of my meditation CDs.

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