Natural Birthing with Hypnosis

This four part Self Hypnosis program is designed to accommodate any kind of birth. I believe in my heart that the best birth plan is the one where you prepare for the birth using meditation and self hypnosis for the mind, and appropriate strengthening practices for the body. That you set up your support network, and then, you let go and you go with the flow. This program will help you go with the flow of whatever is unfolding for you by connecting you first to the Wisdom of Sisterhood and all the women who have given birth safely and naturally before, to the Wisdom of your Body and your innate knowing, to the Wisdom of Baby, and this wee being’s sacred knowledge, and to the Wisdom of Birth itself. Whether you plan to have your baby at home or in the hospital or end up having the baby somewhere in between, this program will be your inner strength, no matter what is going on.

$77.00 (USD) – four self hypnosis MP3 downloads made available instantly

Natural Birthing with Hypnosis - self hypnosis MP3

The four tracks included in this program are designed to work in conjunction with each other, and can be played one at a time too. It’s best if you can play them all relatively early on so you know the content of each one… and then you can pick and mix as to which one feels most appropriate on a given day. Perhaps they all do… or perhaps one or two more than another. The Birthing one is best saved for your third trimester.

When playing these MP3’s at home you can lay down comfortably while practicing initially… or once you’ve familiarized yourself with the content, you can choose to walk around using ear phones with them loaded on your phone or mp3 device. In this way you will get used to simultaneously accessing deeper levels of subconscious wisdom and relaxation while remaining conscious, in-tune, active and alert – which is the balance we we want to experience when laboring.

Connecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood – a guided visualization to help you connect to the wisdom of all the women who have gone before you and safely and naturally given birth to their babies. This track will remind that primal nature within you that birthing babies is an innate talent of all women. It will connect you to that wisdom that simply knows for it is already connected to the energy of birthing in a deeply natural and instinctive way. Play this one throughout your first and second trimester and then return to it if ever the voice of doubt creeps in.

Connecting to the Wisdom of Body – self-hypnosis for connecting to the natural wisdom of your precious human body. This practice will help you to transcend the mind, and reconnect with and trust in, the primal wisdom installed naturally within each and every woman’s body on a deep anotomical level. Women’s body’s were made for birthing, regardless of the size of your hips or the stories of your mother and their mothers. Learn to get out of the mind and to trust the body. It is creating the miracle of life within you, without input from your mind. It know’s what it is doing. Again play this one throughout your first and second trimester and then return to it if ever the voice of doubt creeps in. As with all of them, you can continue to play this one through your third trimester too.

Connecting to the Wisdom of Baby – this is a short practice for engaging in dialogue with your baby. You might be surprised at the wisdom your baby speaks. Your baby (or babies) know their needs and if you listen quietly enough you will know them too. You can practice this one as many times as you like using the track itself, but once you are familiar with the line of questioning, let it go, and just drop in, ask and listen. This track is all about bonding with your baby on a sublime and profound level that will lay the foundation for your entire relationship. Play this whenever you like, in any trimester. I like to practice before I’m going to bed with my hands over my belly. I feel into the energy of my baby and ask what he needs, or what he wants me to know… and then I just listen and we go from there.

Connecting to the Wisdom of Birth – this one is best played frequently in the last trimester after you have spent some time with the other three tracks. The other three tracks will prepare you for transcending the mind and deepening into the wisdom of body so that you can trust the wisdom innate in the process of birthing when the appropriate time comes. Listened to once or twice daily, this track will be that which guides you from beyond during your laboring and birthing experience. Surrender. Trust. Know. You’re a Goddess giving birth to the miracle of life itself. You know exactly what to do and when to do it. Surrender to that Knowing, and Trust it.

$77.00 (USD) – four self hypnosis MP3 downloads made available instantly

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Personal note from Kali:

“I’m excited to finally, and miraculously, find myself pregnant at this time too. My baby’s release date is in July 2017 and am also using this program to create a safe and sacred birthing experience for both him and myself. I believe in my heart and soul that the best birth plan is the one where you prepare for the birth using meditation and self hypnosis for the mind, and appropriate strengthening practices for the body. That you set up your support network, and then let go and go with the flow. I believe it is very important to know that my little inner self is not in control here and that my baby, and this body I have been living in for 44 years, are on a path that I am best to surrender to. And that takes transcending the birthing war stories of the past and settling into a mindset that can Trust in the Wisdom of Body, and the Wisdom of Birthing itself. It means knowing through thick and thin that I know exactly what I need, when I need it, and how I need it – better than anyone else can possibly ever know – and all I have to do is surrender to whatever is emerging and go with the flow. Because I am never dealt more than I can handle… and nor are you. You got this sister! And I’m in it with you.”


Birthing Hypnosis Praise

“These meditations have been exactly what I needed, at exactly the right time. I am now just a week or two  away from giving birth to my first child, and I thought I was well prepared physically and emotionally for a natural labour when just the other day, the baby dropped. I suddenly felt really unprepared and slightly fearful,  with some unhelpful thoughts creeping in. I contacted Kali and that afternoon I put time aside to listen to the birthing materials about connecting to the sisterhood. I am once again feeling as ready as one can at this time, and know that everything will be ok. There is so much to be gained from preparing yourself for birth with this work. It’s so powerful and empowering. Thank you so much Kali!”

B. Hunter, Accupuncturist, New Zealand