Being You Self Hypnosis CD

This Self Hypnosis Guided Meditation, entitled “Being You”, is designed to help you better and more confidently align with your true and authentic self – Your Soul Self – the YOU you were born to be before the conditioning of life swayed you from your core.

Many people experience anxiety, stress and depression simply because they struggle with Self Acceptance and the Peaceful ability to just BE their very own Self… regardless of energetic and societal pressure and expectation.

As part of my continuing interest creating a peaceful and loving environment for us all to live in, I continue to create products that are designed to help you move through energetic shifts more comfortably so that you experience greater congruency with the Self and the world around you…. in this way you more easily create a more peaceful world in which to live – both within and around you.

Further, how you see others is a direct reflection of how you see yourself……. So to see yourself in a warm, positive and loving light is of course beneficial for all.

Please note that the DVD here is just a taster… it is only half of the meditation… you can get the full meditation as a downloadable MP3 by signing up to my newsletter in the box to your right.