Self Hypnosis

self hypnosisWe hypnotize ourselves daily simply by continuing to believe that we are our thoughts and that our thoughts are real! Yes you have thoughts, beliefs and feelings but YOU, the real you that is your true essence, are more than that. The real you is your Soul Self. And your Soul Self doesn’t have negative thoughts, feelings and ideas about you and your body or your personality. Your Soul Self has nothing but higher intentions for personal growth and development. Your Soul Self wants you to be the best possible version of yourself and will keep putting you in situations that will conspire for you to achieve those higher intention goals.

So when people ask me t0 teach them self hypnosis, I generally tell them they already know. The only difference they can make is to now do the inner work so that they become aware of their Soul Intentions and then do it consciously.

So Self hypnosis is a two step process:

1. First become mindful of the thoughts and beliefs you are programming yourself with. This generally requires meditation to develop that witnessing capacity and therapy to uncover the underlying beliefs. Click here to find out about the different types of therapy I offer that can help you uncover your underlying beliefs. You can learn to observe your thoughts during meditation and you will quickly realize the same thoughts keep going around the same old track. Once you become aware of the mental track you’ve been on, then you can change it. There are two major types of meditation – mindfulness meditation and guided meditation – each have their benefits and each achieve different parts of the ultimate goal. For more on meditation and to choose a CD to practice to click here.

2. Once you are aware of the thought patterns that require reprogramming and the beliefs you need to recycle, then you can play an active role in creating a constructive mind through the use of self hypnosis. Self Hypnosis prior to this is ultimately pointless as the underlying pattern is still there. This can be done in the form of mantra or affirmations, specifically written guided meditation or simply re-correcting yourself each time you notice the old pattern floating around its old pathway. At this point though its good to get some one-on-one sessions.

So what goes on in YOUR head?

It is essential that you become aware of the thought patterns that go around the neural pathways of your brain so that you can re-pattern them to ones that serve you. You are conditioned and programmed right from the very beginning of life by well meaning parents (if you’re lucky). And they program you with what they have been raised to believe are healthy ways of Being…. and those who raised them did the same and on and on it goes…… So unless you stop and do your own inner work it eventually becomes apparent that you are still running the beliefs and thought patterns of your ancestors. And as wonderful as they may be, you now live in the post modern world of the 21st Century where life is hugely different. The only way to change these outdated patterns is to develop your own awareness of what is, connect to the wisdom of your Soul Self, become aware of your deeper Soul Intentions and make the efforts to align fully with that. Nothing else will ever serve you or resonate with you better than your Soul. 

Who do you listen to most?

You!!  You listen to yourself more than you listen to anyone else in the world, period. You may as well therefore make sure that you are listening to your own Soul Intentions and not the worn out expectations of those people and life circumstances that have conditioned you! Your thinking mind will always think… thats what it does… it thinks. But you are not your thoughts. You are more than thought. Soul and breath make the body happen. An unenlightened mind is what pushes Soul out of the drivers seat. Self Hypnosis and hypnosis in general can be used as a beautiful tool to re-condition the mind to let Soul again take the lead in creating the life you came here to live. You will feel the truth of such an inner shift in your body. The body never lies. Doing this inner work will create a healthier body, a more open heart and a lighter mind.

To find out how to live from your Soul Intentions click here.