Kali less drop flipped aCreating Reality from the
Desires and Intentions of Your Soul

In the services that I offer at Mala Hypnotherapy I use a deep understanding of personal and spiritual growth and development to help you create the reality you want to live. I have a rich and varied set of tools that combine together to guide you to a place within yourself that holds a wisdom deeper than what you are normally aware of in daily life – for here there are desires and intentions that cannot and will not be ignored…. some call this place Consciousness, others, inner wisdom or higher Self, True Self or God Self – I call it your Soul Self.

With the energy of the Goddess re-emerging more fully and strongly, many are now calling it the Goddess within and I think for women, this is a good way to go, although men have a Goddess within too. It matters not what you call it, but more that you acknowledge it’s existence within you. It is this depth of wisdom within you that is the manifestor of the reality you live and like I said, it has desires and intentions that will not be ignored. So when things aren’t happening in your life and neon flashing lights start getting brighter, your Soul is calling you to listen up. 

So whether it be Hypnotic Techniques that guide you to your Soul Self or the Spiritual Guidance you will receive from a Tarot Reading that unlocks the insights required to achieve your breakthrough, or whether it be through engaging in the online home study program, or though Yoga, Meditation or a Workshop you attend, I invite you to be Co-Therapist with me. Together we will connect to your Soul and from there we’ll work through your blocks and release your barriers one session at a time.

I will help you unlock the secrets of your Soul-Self and it’s wisdom that is innately within you. Only you can do this work. Only you can take your seat in this world. But it would be my honor and privilege to guide and support you, or, hold your hand and help you get up whenever you fall. It’s a new world we’re living in and keeping up with the changes and being proactive and visionary all help us to adapt, adjust, be good and do good in this world.

Inner change leads to outer balance in daily life. Let me help you. There is nothing wrong with you. And there is nothing wrong with seeking support. And neither does anything about you need fixing. But oh isn’t there always plenty of room for our own improvement!!

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