Spiritual Hypnosis

Spiritual Hypnosis is addressed here in the following ways:

Past Life Regression
Soul Speak
Soul Retrieval
Natal Regression
Life Between Lives
Hypnotic Dreamwork


“Why am I here?”
“How do I connect to my Soul?”
“What is my Purpose in Life?”
“Who am I?”

DSC02173 less saturationSpiritual Hypnosis is all about solving the mystery of life, connecting to the desires and intentions of your Soul so that you break through blocks and barriers and finding your purpose in life. Using the likes of Soul Speak, Hypnotic Dream-work, Natal and Past Life Regression, anyone, be it with a minor intrigue, an intense and passionate interest, or a deep evolutionary understanding of energy and consciousness, can uncover and reconnect with the purpose for which they came into this life. Such a discovery can transform ones life from a place of blocked stagnation to one of vitality and shine in as little as three to six or so sessions. This is an area of exploration open to all seeking profound transformation and change and deep meaning and value – at the level of Soul. This depth of work is also a beautiful complement to your spiritual practice, be it yoga or meditation, journal writing, martial arts or any other spiritual pursuit that uncovers shadow, fears, blocks and/or anxiety. In these sessions we break through your deepest blocks and barriers one transformative session at a time.

The nature of reality is 50% manifest, or form, and 50% un-manifest, or formless, so to accept the nature of reality to be as it is perceived through the world of form is to negate and deny half of existence!! Spiritual Hypnosis is a vehicle through which we may explore the unmanifest realm of existence and the nature of reality. It’s also important to keep in mind that nothing is ever destroyed, it only transforms it’s form… so what happens to us when we die from this material world that makes living the fleeting gift of life??? And how do we connect to Soul so that we live from Purpose while we’re here??

Spiritual Hypnosis Talk

Past Life Regression

Kuan Yin Divine FeminineOften called Past Life Therapy, Kali uses the term Reincarnation Therapy with the intention to acknowledge that any exploration of past lives requires a connection to the life being currently lived. In this way clients remedy current life fears and blocks along with negative beliefs and attitudes in a series of 3 to 6 (or more) sessions. Such work can help clear the debris that clogs the current reality and creates the most toxicity for the collective consciousness. (You’ll find an in depth blog on Kali’s own take on Past Lives right here). We are all One in the Collective Mind. Therefore it is vital that we each work on clearing our own mental and physical, emotional and psychological toxicity so that we can create a cleaner, more positive world in which to be. (As a side note here, living your life from a place of Truth in daily life can also clear the past of your Soul and is a very effective, insightful and powerful way of life).

We often find that issues we carry are old ones that move with us from life time to life time as we search for a harmonious resolution. On a cosmic level humanity has accumulated thousands upon thousands of years of fear in the collective mind that has resulted in people being filled with hopelessness and despair, guilt and self loathing, fear and shame, hate and regret. Each life time has the same old stories played out with the same or similar characters in the same or different roles as we flick from villain to hero, victim to persecutor, male to female, black to white, loved to loathed. These stories will continue to play out life time after life time until a new realization and a more appropriate experience of the nature of reality is achieved. Reincarnation Therapy can help one to understand the meaning of blocked energy and false perceptions so that we may learn, let go and move on in our evolutionary process with greater confidence and conviction in a healthier more sustainable way of life.

Through the use of Hypnotherapy (which uses deep relaxation, guided meditation and interactive questioning) one accesses alternative aspects of consciousness in the subtle and causal realms (which we refer to as Past Life Memories) and uses these aspects/memories to help reveal the blocks, inhibitions and reoccurring patterns that prevent or hinder progress and vitality in current day life. This is an aspect of Spiritual Hypnosis that requires a deep understanding of the Evolution of Consciousness in the gross, subtle and causal realms and the extraordinary times in which we currently live.

While some clients will spontaneously regress to a past life without any encouragement from the Hypnotherapist, others will request such regression for specific purposes. People want to explore past lives for all sorts of reasons. Those attracted to certain cultures and countries do so to explore the origin of that attraction. Sometimes this can help an unsettled person settle or a stagnant person move on. Others want to find the karmic setup for certain relationships today. Such regression can help re-kinder love in troubled marriages, smooth the road in sibling rivalry or lead to greater understanding at a deeper spiritual level of any relationship dynamic. Further, and most importantly, Reincarnation Therapy can help the individual gain a greater understanding and deeper love and trust for the person they sometimes find the hardest to understand, love and trust – them self.

At the deeper levels of development and evolution, Reincarnation Therapy can be used to better unravel the collective misunderstanding of the nature of reality. Moving through the gross, subtle and causal realms from one aspect of consciousness to another one may gain a deeper, more integral perspective on the nature of the human constitution and the deeper wiring with which we are now learning to navigate our evolution. As we become more aware of ourselves as consciousness becoming aware of the evolution of itself, we are better able to negotiate this process as the creative impulse weaving its way into a new reality and a higher level of existence. We truly are alive in extraordinary and unprecedented times. For the evolutionary oriented being, interpreting this work from such a place of understanding could prove to be key in the unraveling of our new world.

Past Lives Documentary 20/20 from Kali Cathie on Vimeo.

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On a more popular level, the use of Past Life Regression has also been proving it’s effective validity in the release of life debilitating phobias as was shown by Carmel when working withTVNZ’s 20/20 in April 2007. Phobic responses to seemingly rational events can cause huge disruption in the quality of our lives. To some people a mouse is just a mouse, more scared of us than we of them. To others they are creatures that will undoubtedly cause death. Uncovering where these irrational perceptions come from allows the subconscious mind, which does not discern the difference between past, present and future, to leave the past in the past and live the now with freedom and a lighter, more loving sense of “Now”.

Another aspect of work in this area of spiritual growth and development explores the lifetime that we lead between lives on the physical plane. From this vantage we can connect with higher aspects of consciousness in the form of spirit guides , masters and teachers, as well as discover soul connections, and unravel a deeper, more integral meaning to our purpose in life. Such exploration helps us to understand our inner wisdom on a more intricate level that helps one to better connect with the energy of the current life experience. This can be an incredibly profound experience that can help one find personal knowledge that has been lost in transition to this life. Kali’s training at this level has been with The Newton Institute (founded by Dr Micheal Newton, PhD) and Dolores Cannon.

Any exploration of past lives and the lifetime between lives is done on a spiritual level found deep within the sub and super-conscious minds and, even more deeply, in the Cosmic Mind – or the mind of Source. This level of work will often take more than one session to reach and often several sessions are required in order to connect the beliefs of the past in a comprehensive manner that will help re program today’s experience to one of greater flow, deeper involvement and a more peaceful way of being.

Be prepared for a wonderful journey into the different aspects of consciousness and dimensions of reality that have contributed to the personality you are today and the purpose you have for being here in these extraordinary and unprecedented times.

To quote from Manly P. Hall on Reincarnation:
“Reincarnation is nothing more nor less than the law of evolution applied to the unfolding consciousness of the individual. All growth and development bear witness to the improvement of that invisible divine force which is the cause of all physical growth and development. Everything in the universe is growing up through the experiences of existence. Why should man be left unaware of his participation in this eternal growth?”

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Soul Speak

Ganesha - putter and remover of Divine ObstaclesCombining both practical and academic study in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives work, Kali has created her own way of working with Soul. In Soul Speak she helps you connect to this deepest dimension of self – your Soul. Using special deepening techniques, and your pre-prepared questions, she is able to glean the desires and intentions of your Soul in way that will activate within you the propensity to self motivate in daily life. This is often in a way you may not have previously known was possible. This a a beautiful transpersonal process that will help you more fully understand that, while you have feelings, emotions and thoughts as well as a body and it’s behaviors, you are also more than all this too. This more-than that you are is Soul. Moving beyond beliefs, beyond, conditioning and programming, beyond family and societal expectations, is this deepest dimension of you patiently awaiting your permission to Act in daily life… to ACT on Purpose with Meaning and Value. This is your Soul Self, your True Self ready to BE all you came here to be in the world. This session could well be the best thing you ever did to jump start and/or deepen your Spiritual growth and development as well as your entire life venture.

After a session like this you will feel less inhibited and more free. Less contained and more vast. Less afraid and more confident. Less anxious and much calmer and more peaceful. You will feel SoulFilled and Purposeful. You will understand more fully that everything you do in life is spiritual… everything from washing potatoes and carrying water to giving birth and raising a family, to running your business and paying the bills. EVERYTHING is an opportunity for Spiritual Growth and Development. Being HUMAN is what you came here to do. Finding balance and courage is the key and this session will help you find that balance and it’s courage. Contact Kali now to book your session with your Soul – S/He is patiently waiting.

On another level, if you want to uncover your Soul Intentions and do this work in a different way, at home, in your own time, then check out SoulPlan.tv here.

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Soul Retrieval

Click the above link to go to a blog post detailing this process.

Natal Regression

pain_free_child_birthThis is a form of regression that can be used to connect with ones divine purpose, resolve relationship problems, understand family patterns – including gaining a deep and profound insight into the mother-child dynamic, as well as clear present day blockages and fears, re program negative, unconscious belief patterns and explore many other life and relationship issues. Such work involves a maternal approach that can lead to profound enlightenment and spiritual growth.

The womb can also be a station-stop often used on the journey back to Past Lives and on into the Spirit World or Bardo realm of Life Between Lives. When visiting the womb for these purposes we uncover the spiritual reasoning behind choosing this body, this brain, this personality, these parents and siblings, etc, etc. The womb is a place in which a whole ecosystem of ones beliefs and perspectives are also born. Comprehending the intention behind ones Higher Self motives for coming here in the first place can help one understand and accept the life into which they were born with greater ease and sense of purpose.

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Life Between Lives

Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnosis is both an extension and expansion of Past Life Regression(PLR) where one connects to their immortal soul self. The LBL process has been perfected by Dr Micheal Newton who is considered a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about life after death through the use of Spiritual Regression. Carmel has trained with the Newton Institute in Sydney, Australia and is one if the first to bring this process to the Southern Hemisphere. For a deeper more comprehensive understanding of LBL please refer to Dr Newton books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”.

Life Between Lives sessions are for those intrigued in the energetic realm and the mystery of life in the spirit world after death on earth – or in the Bardo realm as referred to by the Tibetans. This is where we may connect with intergalactic worlds, alternate dimensions and the hidden memories of the hereafter. Within these alternate realities one may connect with higher aspects of consciousness in the form of Deities, Higher Self, Soul Groups, Spirit Guides, Teachers and so, so much more.

cloudsIn LBL we use a Past Life as a portal to the Spirit World where, through an expanded state of Superconsciousness, we access our personal Soul memories. By accessing these memories we are able to remember why we came here in the first place, what we intended to learn, who we intended to learn it with and how we intended to go about manifesting these intentions. We also make contact with our Spirit Guides, Teachers and Masters. Such personal contact is something so spiritually profound that after your LBL session you will be left with the transcendental awareness that you have a personal relationship with a higher guiding power. This personal relationship will continue to guide you through all your experiences on life, just as it has since our creation… only now you have connected with your Eternal Soul Self on a level you can consciously comprehend. This connection to your Soul allows one to see their entire evolutionary karmic growth pattern over life times in different bodies (and maybe even different worlds). This whole process happens over a space of 3 – 4 hours, sometimes longer, while mentally residing in the ‘world between lives’ that is our true home.

An encounter like this connects us back in with the true intention behind our current incarnation so that we may understand and accept the life into which we were born with greater ease and sense of purpose. Such understanding is truly therapeutic in that it can boost confidence and self esteem, ease anxieties and fuel certainty, drive, motivation and follow-through of ideas, all by providing us with a heart felt connection to this greater comprehension, understanding and awareness of Spirit – and hence our Soul Purpose in Life as we live it today. This is truly an experience in the evolutionary growth of your own personal Soul Consciousness and therefore an experience that will motivate you from the Soul of your Spiritual Heart.

The key to this work is the depth of trance (which must exceed that of normal hypnosis) and the duration of the session. These sessions can be very long – up to 5 or 6 hours, although mostly they will be about 4 hours.

LBL is a process often referred to as Spiritual Regression, or Integration, which enables the client to bridge their physical incarnations from a mental residence in Spirit World and connect to Spirit. For those of you who have found yourself wondering why we do this thing called life, this process will help you comprehend the higher purpose behind the apparent madness of daily physical life.

How to Prepare for Your LBL

As your LBL session can take several hours it is important that you be well rested and fed prior. Avoid caffeine and excess liquids. Dress in comfortable clothing. Typically your session will be scheduled for a full morning or afternoon, it would be to your benefit to have nothing planned for the rest of the day so that you may allow yourself time to re-integrate before travelling home and for reflection once you are home.

Each session is unique and individual and does not necessarily turn out like the case studies in Dr Newtons books. An open heart and an open mind will ensure you get the perfect Soul experience for you.

There are two things you must do and bring with you as documentation when you come. The first is to prepare a list of questions that you have for yourself in the Soul state, or indeed that you would like to ask of other spiritual beings, Guides or Teachers. Your questions may be about your life purpose, soul mates or groups, life lessons or themes, anxieties, the message in physical ailments, etc. The second is to write a list of important people in your life, from both past and present. We will discuss this list and the relationships you have with these people when we meet.

An LBL session can take months, if not years to process, and you will never view life quite the same ever again. A digital recording of your session will be provided for you so that you will be able to refer back to it in the future.

The love, wisdom and connection that you will experience from this session, not to mention the new levels of certainty, and the sense of belonging that you will find, may well last you a life time. Enjoy your Journey to its fullest Life Purpose by visiting your Life Between Lives.

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Hypnotic Dreamwork™

malabambooMarion Woodman refers to dreams being the Language of the soul. From this perspective, this work is revolutionary and promises an awareness that goes well beyond the bounds of our five senses. With the combination of Gestalt dreamwork together with hypnosis, the dreamer is allowed a deeper experience of the dream itself so that they may find the unique relationship of the dream to his or her own existential experience. Where the vast majority of dreamwork methods rely on analysis and interpretation, this work allows your own inner wisdom its voice in interpretation. The combination of dream work and hypnosis is truly a profound and transforming experience where he healing nature of dreams, and the potential of hypnosis as a therapeutic and personal growth tool, comes to the fore. This type of regression is recommended to anyone wishing to seek self knowledge and actualization. Even a sliver of a memory of a dream can be useful in this work. Further, your recall of dreams can be encouraged and grown through Hypnotic Dreamwork™. This is an exciting and ever so personal exploration of your subconscious mind where you get to unlock and know the secrets of your dreams.


*Hypnotherapy is a highly effective adjunct and complementary approach to medical and psychological health practices. Some hypnotherapeutic work may require approval from a licensed physician or psychologist. Hypnotherapy is never intended to replace medical treatment or severe psychological treatment. It can be regarded, by its emphasis on the use of internal resources for therapy, as a non-medical therapy which accomplishes its results without direct external intervention.

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