Tarot Reading

These Tarot Reading sessions are like receiving a download of Spiritual Guidance with someone who knows whats going on for you better than you know yourself. You’ll better understand how the different levels of your mind are interacting with the deeper intelligence, intentions and desires of your Soul. This will help you break through blocks and barriers, gain wisdom as to how your mind is both limiting and serving you, give you insight to your deeper, internal nature and where you might be heading – IF you continue along the trajectory of the belief system you’re currently running. Appointments can be conducted either over Skype anywhere in the world with a recording that will be dropboxed to you, or in person in Lake Tahoe, California. Contact me to Book a Tarot Reading appointment.

A tarot reading with Kali is a journey into the symbolic, the mystical, the sacred and the divine. She is gifted with the ability to hold open a spiritual space for her client, that is authentic and empowering. A rare opportunity to enter the tarot realm with someone who has a deep personal insight, knowledge and experience of spirit. (Murray)

How would you like to know the answer to these questions?

  • Where is your thinking and current belief system leading you?
  • Is the reality you are creating for yourself working for you?
  • What is pertinent in the “Now” that you need to focus on in order to move forward with clarity and conviction?
  • What changes do you need to make to get better aligned with your hopes, dreams and goals?
  • How is your Soul trying to express itself in the world?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where are your threats and opportunities?
  • What if you had deeper insight or a more objective perspective into your now?
  • How could life be different if you better understood the way your thinking was creating your reality?
  • How could life be different if you better understood the nature of your Soul energy?
  • How could you better connect to your Soul so that you create your reality from this deeper wisdom?

Tell me about you and the Tarot!

Tarot Reading SnapshotSince I was in my teens I’ve read Tarot Cards. Yes I have. I kind of laugh when I say that. But throughout my twenties they traveled around the world with me in my backpack and had me reading cards for fellow travelers, co-workers and generally whoever wanted a reading. I even decided which countries I might visit based upon which cards fell out of the deck! They were the trusty key to unlocking my intuitive, ever present, all knowing, self. Each reading I did for myself and others unlocked a deeper, more integrated dimension of intuition. I have dozens of packs of cards but just one has remained my go-to for intuitive readings.


How many readings have you done?

I clocked up a thousand and more readings in which time I came up with my own way of reading them. A way that would later end up being a beautiful way to lay out a “Snap-Shot” of your mind – something that could be used as an objective discussion point for what might be arising in your experience of life by the way you view it.

Are you a fortune teller?

I don’t get into prophetic readings about your night in shining armor and I’m not about predicting the next drama, death and bad thing to happen in your life…. Instead I use the cards to tune into your inner experience using them as a snap shot of your deeper nature. In this way I found I could help isolate pitfalls and challenges as well as ways to clear the path so people could get on with their deeper intentions in life. In my 30’s deeper psychological practices, including yoga and Zen, lead me to hypnosis and spiritual inquiry… but still the Tarot, when used for inner inquiry for transformation and change, can make a good entry point to go deeper into the ways of your mind and how it is serving the deeper desires and intentions of your Soul purpose. Far from a session with a Fortune Teller, this session will be more like an hour of life coaching with someone who’s the deepest intentions of your Soul.

What kind of tarot reading do you do?

The kind of reading that I do helps you better understand how your mind is serving or limiting the deeper intentions and desires of your Soul purpose. It is really helpful for when you know there is something blocking you, or holding you back, or preventing you from something, but you’re not able to put your finger on it. The reading provides you with a new perspective and sets you back on the path with a new frame of mind. It gives you an insightful and new perspective which helps to build courage so that you move forward with greater clarity and conviction.

How are your readings different to other readings?

The way in which I read them is a little different to most. Many of us have no idea how our mind is working, let alone the Soul energy that is driving us. The way I read them is like laying out a Snap Shot of your mind which will help you in very practical, often surprising and deeply intelligent ways. Your path can change when you change your mind. Your path can change when you let go and let God, as some people say. I see it it as letting your Soul Self get in the drivers seat – and as your Soul self answers to higher Consciousness, you are indeed learning to Trust and surrender to the higher forces that flow through your human being. Changing your mind, letting go and leaning in, is just about shifting your perspective. In the way I read them the Tarot provides insight to that shift required – and the shift required is often a lot smaller than you think. In this way a reading with me is kind of like a mini Life Coaching session that helps you listen to the wisdom of your Soul purpose so it can have a greater presence in your life than it maybe does today.

How do I make an appointment?

Contact me now to book a Tarot Reading or other appointment and we can meet via Skype anywhere in the world (with recording included) or if you are in the Tahoe area, come see me in person. Call for details.