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Let’s see, changes in my life since 20/20…

Well, first of all, I’m much better with the bird life, not jumping like before at the sight of a bird/feather.  I’m still aware of their presence and I don’t like to be taken by surprise – i.e. to turn my head and notice that there are big birds around me, but I’m way, way better than I’ve ever been. Now I’m planning a trip to Europe for the next year, to see Paris, Rome, Milan, Venice, Loire Valley, Tuscany, Vienna, Prague, places that are usually full of pigeons. I couldn’t get myself to even think about this kind of trip before 20/20, so that’s quite a change.

Then, I can say I’m more confident and enjoy life more – it’s usually like this, when you get rid of a crippling phobia, you start seeing life in a whole new light, you want to enjoy places and things that weren’t accessible to you before. And you feel brave, of course :) Now I can go to the beach or to the museum, I can enter shops that sell arrangements made of feathers and so on. It is incredible how many things have feathers associated to them, things that “normal” people simply don’t notice, but I was afraid even to get close to them.

The Tuesday she’s talking about (with me holding two feathers) is the day I had the second session with you at TVNZ and the two feathers are none others that the ones Pete gave me that day (I still have them in my jewellery box). After our walk to Aotea Square I went back to work, proudly holding my two feathers and getting hugged by all my colleagues – it was unbelievable for everybody.

So that’s the story, it is an amazing story for me and for everybody who knows me. I can never thank you enough, Kali.

Adina, as seen on 20/20 April 2007  (update, 7 months later)

Life is FAB and I haven’t looked back since you cured my phobia which incidentally has not returned!!  In saying that I don’t go round searching for holes to touch but when I do see them I don’t have any reaction!  It’s quite funny as my children and husband always look sideways at me to see if I freak out, which thankfully I do not!  The family will now have to find something else to laugh about at family dinners!  I feel completely different – it’s almost like my past life person has moved on or unlatched itself from me – very weird!!

I read ‘The Secret’ (like you recommended) and, although I am not a very diligent student, life did change after reading it and I wished for a new job and have one which I just LOVE! Everything is rosy!

Tracey, as seen on 20/20 April 2007 — (update, 7 months later)

Hi Kali — just wanted to send you an email and tell you how well I am doing. I have just spent the whole weekend in the garden doing heavy shifting of plants and I am still standing up. This is a miracle for me as I haven’t been able to garden for some time because of my sore back. I am a bit stiff today but carrying on as normal! Thank you so much for how you have helped me. With your help and expertise I have finally reached the place I have been trying to get to for so long. I still slip back at times but now can reconnect with the universe and get on with the positive things in life! Life is so much better and I am really feeling grateful for all I have in my life. Your CD is helping to keep me on track really well.

No doubt I will be back to see you at some stage but in the meantime thanks for all you have done and keep up the great work you do. Cheers and blessings.

Will Pye, Social Entrepreneur, Author, Wisdom Teacher – via Skype sessions between USA and England

‘Through working with Kali I have been able to witness a master of her craft. Kali is a rare being, the smarts of a businesswoman who has studied deeply and the open heart and insights gleaned from a life of practice. In my work with her I benefited from all such gifts as I was expertly guided through the process, receiving healing, insight and practical takeaways. If you seek to know yourself better, to release what no longer serves, to clarify what next, gain answers around a particular issue, or all of the above, then I highly recommend you book yourself in with this wise warrior woman.’ (You read more about this incredible man here:

Hugo – via Skype sessions between USA and Switzerland 

Skype sessions with Kali have improved my self-awareness. I finally understandd some of the thoughts and feelings I have always had but that were not part of my upbringing (and have come from past lives). I had anger problems and a disconnection between some of my feelings and my ultra-rational way of thinking. This has changed way beyond what I could have thought possible. She adapts sessions to your particular needs, using the tool which serves you best to get a grip on the problem (for my lack of emotional words, we use visualization to “feel first” and work from there). It has changed my prejudices, misconceptions, awkward feelings into clearer thoughts; this would have taken ages laying on a couch, using only words. Remembering important moments of past lives has helped me a lot to understand and accept who I am and who I can be. Sometimes I find areas in which I was more balanced in the past and Kali helps me to build up on these ancient foundations and use them for my benefit today. Other times, I see my worst and I feel it, and so decide to “let go” of this outdated behavior which vastly improves my experience in life today.

Catherine 44 — Bay of Plenty

Since I am not going to see you for a while I would really just like to say thank you so very much Kali for all that you have helped me with and all I have achived since my first visit with you.  You have a true gift in how to make people feel comfortable and at ease with you, not to mention your brillant talent/gift with hypnotherapy. You really have changed my life and all for the better.  I have never had such a lovely person pop into my head so many times a day and  each time I see a chocolate bar, I see and hear you!  I wish you only the very best for this year Kali and hope you have a great deal of adventures this year.I will definatly be coming to see you one day again when I have this smoking thought correct in my head. Just thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me see there is life other than at the end of a chocolate bar!
See you sometime — Cheers.

Linda 31 — Waikato

Kali is one unique being put here to assist you physically, emotionally, mentally and spirtually.  Utilising the numerous tools in her kete and coming from her geniune heart energy, Kali is one of the most effective Heart Healers of our time.  Assisting you in breaking patterns consciously in this lifetime and subconsciously from other life times, she enables you to reach your 100% potential and life purpose for being here right now! SEC is an extremely effective therapy!  Thank you my friend of old and may the light and love continue to shine in and through you and onto the people attracted to you for their self healing.

Deb, Social Worker & Seer — Eastern Bay of Plenty — (Dec 2007)

I went to see Kali when I had a problem with passing my exams. I expected that she would be able to help me through the reason I was finding it so difficult to pass them. What I wasn’t expecting was how much my life has changed for the better in so many other ways. I used to live my life in a very conditional way, almost stumbling from one crisis to another. Not anymore! Kali helped me open my mind to a whole world of possibilities, and I now live life with a different outlook, I laugh and smile so much more than I used to and really enjoy life.

Also since meeting Kali and enjoying my life with renewed vigour, I asked her if she could help with my daughter. She had been having problems at school with reading and writing and after an assessment they diagnosed her with ADD and dyslexia among other things. We were told to take her to the doctors and get some medication for her, which we as a family were totally against.

However, since working with Kali (with SEC) she reads regularly and most importantly loves it. One of her most regularly used possessions is her library card and she is so relaxed in herself it’s a joy to see. I feel like I’ve been set free. I can never thank you enough.

Andy Mott, 38, and daughter Laura, 10 — Tauranga

Hey Kali, Just wanted to touch base and tell you how great things are going. I’m feeling good, eating is sooooooo improved. Generally I feel like a different person and people are commenting. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s like looking at the world with a new set of glasses on. I’m down to one tablet every two days of my antidepressants and though its hard I’m sticking with it. I know I don’t need them anymore. (Michelle is under medical supervision during this weaning process). Thank you for helping me change my life. I never in a million years thought it would be possible to be the way I am now and WOW look its happened….anything is possible. I’m free. I get quite emotional when I think about it because this has been nearly my whole life and I could not imagine myself without all that baggage. You know I feel normal now…for the first time. Thank you so very much for my new life.

Michelle, 29 — Waikato

I was not sure what to expect (from Hypnosis), it was the first time I have had this done and all I can say is I wish someone had suggested it to me a lot sooner as it has helped me so much I feel I have found the old me again. We are all different on how we cope with the loss of your partner who was your best friend and husband and the gap that was left behind was to big to fill. Then I met Kali who has helped me to accept what happened and to let go of all the pain and guilt I felt and now I feel free and can remember the happy times we had and smile instead of crying. I would say to anyone who has gone through loosing someone they love to go and see Kali; even if you only have one session with her you will feel the benefit, but I bet you go more than once.

From my three sessions with Kali, a feeling of calm came over me so that I could deal with any problems that may come along.  Since I have returned home (to Europe) that feeling has stayed with me and has helped me to make decisions that I have been putting of.  Kali exceeded my expectations. It is difficult to put into words but I have found that I have more confidence doing things now than I did before.

 June, 57 — Europe      

It is indescribable how Kali has helped me!  I have been addicted to smoking everyday of my life since the age of 13 and have been doing it for over thirty years. Tried to give up with various other methods from time to time but within days I was back to my old habit.  I went to Kali just once (unbelievable) and stopped smoking right there and then. I am amazed and so are all my family and friends. The cravings and urges were minimal and quite easy to dampen unlike ever before.

Hypnotherapy with Kali has to be one of the most important events of my life and will never be forgotten or unappreciated. I have some pride in myself now. I have achieved something that I never thought I could, so I feel really good about myself, and am not prepared to let people treat me with anything other than respect.

I had tried hypnotherapy a very long time ago, and had no success so was a little dubious.  Kali came highly recommended so thought I would give it another go.  From the start Kali put me at ease and explained everything clearly which helps immensely when you are trying something new. And as my testimonial tells, one visit was all it took to rid me of a habit I had for over three quarters of my life.

Jo, 43

Hypnotherapy helped me overcome the overwhelming feeling of deep seated panic I had developed inside due to lack of self confidence and not feeling good enough. This had lead to wanting to not mix with people unless necessary and I had also developed very unhealthy eating habits.

Kali exceeded my expectations. The inner calm and peace I have now is fantastic! And I have a back up CD personalised just for me which is a bonus. She has made years of battling with myself just disappear so easily and quickly – I consider her a very wise friend now. I also managed to put to rest a few demons from the past and can now focus more on the now while not being so hard on myself.

I would most definitely recommend Kali to others. She has helped me believe in myself and is very easy to trust and be totally open with. Both time frame and cost per session was very reasonable; for the fantastic help I have had I think I got a bargain! Thank you.

Mel, 52 — Tauranga

Hypnotherapy with Kali has helped me deal with issues relating to living with my wife’s Multiple Sclerosis 24/7.  I have also dealt with baggage from earlier in life and am now able to take better care of her as well as have more enjoyment from my tennis and golf.  Despite many interruptions during the night I am also able to sleep much better now.  I am a much happier person and this has improved my relationships with family and friends as well as being better able to deal with business decisions.  I would absolutely recommend Kali to others, I have so much respect for her and what she has helped me achieve in only four sessions.  I did not know quite what to expect initially, however, after our first assessment, I made the conscious decision that Kali was going to help and gave myself over completely to our sessions.  Results were immediate from session one and this was totally unexpected and very gratifying.  This thing with Kali is she makes dam sure there is adequate time per session and cost wise for what we achieved it was excellent value.  Very warmest regards.

David, 59 — Bay of Plenty

After I have had time to think about all that Kali took me through, I realized it was of benefit.  It gave me more confidence to tackle my fears and express myself more.  She also helped me clear some old baggage.  Her friendly relaxed manner makes it easy to open up and explore other avenues which Kali provides.

Judy, 46 — Bay of Plenty

Kali, I just wanted to say thank you so much! I feel so much calmer — not just about spiders, but all the things that I used to be spooked by!  Im not going to go out and buy myself a pet turantula just yet, but I definately feel a lot more relaxed with spiders — I even stood and watched a good sized one spin a web the other day!  So thankyou again.

Tarsh, 26 — Auckland