Thought Field Therapy

KaliWorking along the same principles as acupuncture without the needles, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) corrects the energy imbalances that maintain most psychological problems. Used in conjunction with Hypnotherapy, TFT corrects our behaviors so that we nurture ourselves to ultimate wellbeing. The Chinese believe that all things have Chi, or are Chi. If life is movement, then Chi is what makes things move. The ability to increase or decrease this energy is the basis for healing. Think for a moment and you may well remember a time when you sabotaged a situation in your life, or in fact, yourself.

By using the techniques employed by TFT you will learn how to correct these energy imbalances to optimal levels for health and wealth, vitality and wellbeing. TFT is a simple technique that, once instructed, can be carried out on your own at home or anywhere at anytime quickly and effectively.

If you do not lack the knowledge, skill or ability to help you cope with a chronic problem, then TFT believes the most likely cause of the problem is an energy imbalance and a psychological reversal. This prevents you from identifying or implementing an appropriate solution. When you are involved in a situation that involves an energy imbalance, your energy level is not sufficient to cope, and you resort to behaviors that are associated with low levels of energy. In this way we behave differently than what might be congruent within us. This in itself often times creates anxiety. TFT enables us to resolve the different levels of this anxiety so we can alleviate the cause.

Millions of people struggle with addictive urges, they over or under eat, live with debilitating fears and phobias, are depressed or angry, or repeatedly involved in poor relationships. Often people suffer for year after year with the same problems, try everything from reading self-help books to actively engaging in their healing process with their practitioners to no avail. This type of situation is typical of an energy related issue where an imbalance in your energy system sabotages your ability to achieve certain goals in your life, or to recover after a traumatic experience.

Correcting energy imbalances enables one to not only find the motivation and concentration that is required to accomplish healing goals, but to do so with far greater ease.

If you are struggling to accept the ideas that support the effectiveness of an energy imbalance, remember that new approaches are often associated with skepticism. If you have tried everything else, or even if you haven’t and want to try a short cut, this could be the answer your health has been looking for. You may well equate it to the chiropractor who, not so long ago, was viewed as strange alternative medicine and now sees fifteen million clients a year! Contact me now if you would like to find out more about the different ways in which I can help you create your own reality so that you live the life you truly intended to live.

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