Why Do People Meditate?

rocks waterfallWhen asked the question – why do people meditate? – the first answer that comes to mind is this: According to Ken Wilber, creator and founder of “Integral Life Practice”, the only proven way to accelerate through the levels of growth and development is by using the practice of meditation as part of ones daily routine. In other words spiritual practices, such as meditation, accelerate spiritual growth which is a natural process – a process we all grow through. So to accelerate this process of growth and experience deeper levels of existence is one reason why we meditate.

But another, more popular, reason is to transcend our robotic conditioning – or to learn that we are not our thoughts and habitual knee-jerk reactions. Living in this knowledge life becomes oh so much more peaceful and light.

And yet another reason is to know the nature of our True Self…. and living from the depth of our true self is nothing short of an authentic way of livingOnce we experience and know the nature of our True Self – the pure, vast, open, wide-awake, empty, yet ever so full, True Self that has never entered into the stream of time, that exists beyond the relative, physical existence of life, we then awaken to the Universe within.

It is here that we finally live from the perspective that we are not separate. Here we do not identify with our thoughts as if they are ‘who’ we are. Here we instead reside from a place that is Spirit expressing itself as a body and therefore enabling consciousness to have arms and legs so that it may Create. In this way we are co-creators in every aspect of existence. Meditation is therefore the on-going process of un-learning all the rules and regulations we have placed upon ourselves so that we become aware of a simpler, more joyful, way of being. In this simpler, more joyful way of being, there is more space in the mind, there is softness and depth of compassion. Further there is drive in the form of an impulse to Create, to Evolve, to Grow, to Expand, to Connect… and at the same time it already is all of that and therefore doesn’t need to strive to achieve anything at all, for it already is, and always has been, whole, complete and perfect just the way it is. As are we.

This is the beautiful paradox of getting there while being there; being empty and full; evolving and, at the same time, whole and complete; simultaneously non seeking and seeking. Through the discipline of meditation we expand the mind and set it free. Freedom is no longer the ability to consume all we like… this old paradigm for ‘success’ is blown out of the water once we realize it is neither sustainable nor healthy and is instead a simple stupidity that could lead to the demise of human existence. Instead we have a new definition for success, now we are successful when, in spite of the daily distractions of modern-day life seeking to draw us away from our center, we instead hold fast to values that uphold self love, community support and global awareness. Once we can expand our mind to take on more perspectives, shift between these perspectives and communicate with the understanding that no one can be 100% wrong, we have finally arrived at a place where the black and white of right and wrong are no longer the epi-center of debates. Instead we can expand to take on more, as opposed to contract in protection of our personal story.

And this means letting go. Letting go of our story and letting what “is” flow. Detaching from attachment. Becoming less rigid… and maybe more deeply unreasonable in the process; for no longer are we as likely to be heard like sheep and therefore more likely to stand up for the values that create a deeper, more involved experience with life. Therefore Meditation, the pathway to inner integrity, is key in our ability to discern what is Truth and what is propaganda.

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