Workshops for Spiritual DevelopmentThrough out each year, I like to hold several different workshops to enhance spiritual development and basically help you find the sweet spot within that always knows what s/he is doing. All workshops approach from a different angle but all have the same goal – to help you create an inner and outer reality you really want to be living. So we focus on everything from Mind and Body to Heart and Soul…..

Each of these links will take you to my other site for current workshops:

SoulArts – Learn how to tap into your deeper Self and surrender to the will of your Soul while serving the mind, body and heart in deeply empowering and creative ways.

SoulPlan – a beautiful, easy and fun, yet deeply transformative and insightful home-study program that you can do online with the support of a closed Facebook group. If you can’t wait for a live workshop or you want to do something in your own time…. and especially if you are a fellow woman wanting to act as an agent for the Goddess by giving Her arms and legs here on earth… then myself and Meegan Care created an online home study program especially for you.

Revealing the Goddess Within – Can you hear Her? Do you know how to receive Her wisdom and use it in powerful and constructive ways in your life? Learn how to tap into, reveal and invoke the wisdom of the Goddess.

Kali’s Zendo – a Monday night meditation circle for North Lake Tahoe.

The Right Road – Learn  how to honor your precious human body and uncover the right road for your body-mind.

“Kali Cathie is a master teacher.  I attended an all day workshop with her and was in awe of how beautifully she held the space for each of us.  She was truly present and engaged in her presentation  Through her vast knowledge and gentle coaching, I was able to make new discoveries and develop new practices for meditation and living a more engaged, creative life.  I’ve had the good fortune to attend many workshops in my life, but she made this one truly unforgettable. Thank you!  If she comes to your town, don’t miss an opportunity to study with her.” Ann Randolph –

Feel free to contact me  if you would like to inquire about any workshops I may be planning or to arrange one in your area.

Every thing I do tho, all the services I provide, all the hypnotherapy, tarot, meditation, yoga etc, is all aimed at helping you create your own reality. In order to do this you must access the energy and information of your Soul Self and bring that wisdom out into the world in a very real, practical and grounded way. And what I mean by grounded is that it is not fluffy-woo-woo type of angels in the sky guiding you to some mysterious miracle maker…. NO! What I am talking about is stripping yourself of all your false beliefs and limiting thought patterns, accessing your SOUL SELF and then living from this Soul Filled place in your every day life. I’m talking beyond The Law of Attraction, beyond your conscious awareness and beyond all your subconscious programming.