Yoga How You Want It

A few years ago now I got together with a group of yogis who wanted to make home practice, and yoga practice in general, more accessible to anyone who wanted to incorporate yoga into their life. We wanted yoga tuition online because we realized that for stay at home parents getting to a class could be challenging, as could it be difficult for those confined to an office to get away… in between were a billion other groups of people that might want to practice yoga, but getting to class was just too hard and DVD’s became boring or were too long or too short, or, too advanced or not advanced enough. We wanted to build a program that could grow with you at your pace…

….enter Yoga Tuition Online

So together we created a platform from which you can create your own yoga videos that suit your level of ability and time frame that you have, that can be streamed whenever suits your own personal ways of self. There really are no excuses now! Watch the quick video below for more from our demonstrator and my beautiful soul sister, Sarsha.

Start a 28 day trial for just 99 cents, cancel at any time, click here for the Skinny!

My journey in yoga started in my early 20’s. I’ve tried many different sorts of hatha yoga over the years from Ashtanga to Sivananda, Yin to Yoga Nidra, Vinyassa Flow to Iyengar and I love them all – depending on what phase of my moon I am on…. but the ones I always come back to are Iyengar, Yin and Yoga Nidra…. and the reason is because I can still practice no matter what phase of my monthly moon I am on AND still honor my Woman and what She needs from me. I learned after too much Ashtanga in my 20’s and into my 30’s that beating my body up with intense Yoga practice was not the way to go for this body. And so with I can create exactly what I need to honor where I am at on any particular day. Try it… you might just love it.

If you would like to read more about my personal journey with Yoga then check out this page at here.